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The Corgie Dog

CorgiesWorld was first established in 2006 as the base for my hobby projects. Since then I have attempted many different Information Technology projects, both on-line and off-line, under the business alias of CorgiesWorld. These projects have taught me some interesting lessons.

I have undertaken a wide range of different projects, and experienced varying levels of success with them.

So who am I?

My name is Corrie, “Corgie” is just a nickname that stuck. I am passionate about my projects and take great pleasure from developing something from scratch. I even have a degree in Software Engineering! You could say I have enjoyed working with computers since before I could walk. CorgiesWorld is my collection of the applications and projects which I have created. If you want to find out more about me, you will have to find me in person, or check out the contact section!

Tilt Racer Screenshot

Tilt Racer

Having experimented with Android development for a while, TiltRacer was my first attempt at a complete Android app that will be placed on the market place. Although still under development, its already gaining an almost colt following from some of my friends.

Tilt Racer is an arcade style racer, where the user controls the vehicle by tilting the phone. The game is being programmed in java, and will feature both survival and a mini campaign.

17 Squadron Logo

ATC Memory

ATC Memory is a mini memory game where you match the Air Training Corps rank title with the appropriate rank insignia. The idea behind this game was to achieve two goals; to raise awareness of the Cadet Forces by gaining likes on the 17 Squadron Facebook page, and help the junior cadets learn the rank structure.

This project is still under development and should be released in late December or early January; just in time for the year’s recruiting intake.

Find it Here: ATC Memory

17 Squadron Logo

ATC Database

In 2012 I returned to No. 17 (City of Christchurch) Squadron, Air Training Corps. The squadron is part of the New Zealand Cadet Forces, a youth development organization which teaches a wide variety of life skills in a military framework. As a voluntary staff member, my task it was to provide Information Technology support. Since returning I have designed a new database for the Squadron, which contains both personnel and financial records. I am continuing to develop new features which will integrate all Squadron administration, training records, and equipment inventory. I also work with the Recruiting Officer to design and maintain the Squadron’s website and social media pages.

Snow Fight

Snow Fight was my first fully integrated Facebook App. It was largely successful in terms of user numbers. The app provided users the ability to throw virtual snow balls at their friends, creating a large virtual snowball fight.

After Facebook changed its hosting requirement for apps to https, I no longer had the finance available to keep the project online. Unfortunately, after removing the app some similar apps have emerged, making the likelihood of this app resurfacing slim.

Online Drinking Spinner

The online drinking spinner was my first development experience with HTML5 and more specifically the Canvas. The initial phase of understanding the HTML5 Canvas was daunting, however it soon proved to be a simple and easy-to-learn environment.

It is important to note the development of HTML5 is still in the early stages; which means it’s missing some key components (such as default mathematical numbers like Pi. or the ability to register "on click" events, when the user clicks on items within the canvas). Nevertheless, HTML5’s canvas element is one of the biggest breakthroughs in web development in recent years. You can read more about specific HTML5 tools in the article HTML5 Tools.

Find it Here: Drinking Spinner

Soccer Ball

Road to Brazil

Road to Brazil was more of a hobby then a project; it was never intended for public release. It's a website which grabs XHTML data from both FIFA and other sporting sites to update the sporting fixtures and tables for the 2014 Brazil Football World Cup.

Find it Here: Road to Brazil

Better PP Auctions

BetterPPAuctions was a site created to fix a problem within the popular online game Puzzle Pirates. The problem was that there was no easy way to facilitate trades or sales between playing members. The creation of BetterPPAuctions was developed as a way to fix this problem, however users preferred to use the existing system of “shouting” in the game.

While BetterPPAuctions was not a success, its creation was a fun experience. Sadly, it only lasted one week of up time.

Fake Fact Screenie


After the recent success of, I decided to try to recreate my success with two other web projects which were directly linked with Facebook API. One of these sites was Fake Fact. The idea behind this site was to display a large array of funny facts that users could share with their friends, for example: "Alan Sheppard was the only astronaut to leave his wallet on the moon".

This site enjoyed early success, however was discontinued after it failed to retain return users. A redesign of this idea may fix this problem and may be completed in the future.

Find it Here: Fake Fact

Troll on Facebook"

The other site which I used to try to recreate the success of was Troll on Facebook. The idea behind the site was to provide a simple yet convenient way for Facebook members to jump scare their friends. The site proved successful and started to grow in popularity. However, the site was taken down shortly after release, as it turns out scaring your friends is against Facebook’s terms and conditions.

Find it Here: Troll on Facebook

Make Me Chuckle was by far more successful than I ever expected. The idea of creating a website to share funny images was not an original one, nor was it ever planned to grow as large as it did. In its prime, received between 2000 to 15000 unique visitors each day and generated enough income for me to live off. Currently, is sitting in limbo, as I did not have the time to both manage a successful site and complete my degree. Over the short time that was up and running it went through multiple re-designs, helping me to further develop my HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP skills.

The site is still up, however its traffic pales in comparison to the years where it was successful.

Find it Here: Make Me Chuckle

ATC Practice Tests

The NZ Cadet Forces is a youth development organization which teaches a wide variety of life skills such as leadership, service knowledge and teamwork in a military framework. In 2008, I was a Flight Sergeant in the unit, and responsible for some areas of the cadets training.

Before the 2008 exams I quickly created an online site with practice test questions that the users could answer and check immediately. The site also included a feature which allowed students to ask questions of the instructors. The site was a successful aid to the cadets’ study.

Galaxy Forces Logo

Galaxy Forces

My first experiences with web development and PHP came from a browser based game, Galaxy Forces. Prior to this I had mainly been using html and vb6. The idea of server side scripting, and the potential it showed, sparked my imagination.

Since Galaxy Forces was an open source game, I got my hands on the code and re-worked it, making numerous alterations (some which made it back to the original Polish version). I released my own version of the game and "Galaxy Forces Corgies Special Edition" was born. The game ran up until late 2008, when it was finally closed due to decreasing player numbers.

To this day, I consider my time working on Galaxy Forces as the point that I was inspired to study Software Engineering.

HTML5 Logo

An investigation into HTML5

Why does HTML5 have such appeal5?

When looking at the real attraction of HTML5 it is hard to ignore the hype generated by the large internet corporations like Google and Facebook. Such corporations have made big claims about the advantages of HTML5.

HTML5 is the next natural progression for web development; it ushers in a whole new level of interactivity and cleaner design to the web browser. HTML5 has already shown huge potential and progression in all areas of web development, including game development.

Key Benefits

  • HTML5 requires no additional software or add-ons, just the latest browsers.
  • HTML5 is backwards compatible, and uses a group of already well known, easy to use languages.
  • HTML5 is multi platform and is supported by the majority of web browsers, including Apple tablets and phones. This is a huge benefit considering Apple has recently removed its support for Flash media.

Key Drawbacks

  • HTML5 is not supported by older browsers. However as most browsers automatically update this drawback will likely have little effect.
  • HTML5, despite already being used by many businesses, is still not fully developed.
  • There is little support for code encryption or security, making it rather easy for users to steal or borrow code.
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For more information on this investigation feel free to contact me.

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